I Love to Read Month Activities Galore!!!

I cannot believe that February is over!  We had a jampacked month with so many fun and different ideas for I Love to Read Month even despite the cold temps that took a few days away from us.  However, I hope that students did a bit of reading on those freezing days spent at home.

Here is a list of fun activities that we took part in this month:

Principal's Special Pick:  Mrs. Ryznar read BE YOU! by Peter H. Reynolds Virtually-whole school.
Wild Reading Rocks Logs
Turning Pages Around Canada
Favorite Book Covers
Go Noodle-Learn Song Choices
Flashlights Out and Read
Mini Book Creations and Bookmarks
The Masked Reader
Poem in My Pocket
Manitoba Authors:  Mr. Brad Mills and Mrs. Lindsay
I Promise- A Story written by LeBron James Virtually shared-whole school.
Dress Up:  Favorite Book Character or Book
Virtual Pictionary Book Trivia

Please take a look at the photo gallery to see the fun we had.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Brad Mills and Mrs. Lindsay for being our guest Manitoba Authors.

They spoke to our students about their writing adventures.  Journaling was a huge part of that process.  Everything was documented and recorded into a journal.  Whether it was about Mr. Mills, author of Krazy Hunts, which documents his adventures travelling to other parts of the world absorbing  the culture, the traditions, and physical demand of the terrain during his outdoor adventures or our very own Mrs. Lindsay, who shares a great message in her book, Ruby’s Bubble, that helps us to remember to be mindful of our space and others personal space and helps children to practice the skills which will allow them to interact with others successfully and respectfully.  Mrs. Lindsay tied into her presentation a gift of a homemade journal for students to write their thoughts, adventures, or become creative and start an art journal.  The possibilities are endless!

I would also like to thank Ava Robson, Hudson Hall, and Ellie Potter for being our Masked Readers.  You all did a fantastic job!!

Grade 5/6 Results for Turning Pages Around Canada:  they tracked their Kilometers by pages read.  1page/kilometer.  Here are their results!!

Onanole to St. John's Newfoundland - 5300 km (week 1)

Onanole to Dawson City - 3553 km (week 2)

Onanole to Iqaluit - 5339 km (week 3)

They already have read over 14, 000 pages and are trying to read to Tukotyaktuk and back (8800km).  Fantastic job grade 5/6!!
Update:  The grade 5/6's read to Tukotyaktuk and back!!  Incredible!  Over 22 ooo pages read.  WAY TO GO!!

The Grade 1/2 class wanted to read their way to Vancouver and tracked their trip by reading 1 book/Kilometer.  I am happy to report that they surpassed their destination.  They read 2118 books and their destination total was only 2105km.  Way to go Grade 1/2!!!

The Grade 3/4 students tackled a challenge of their own called the Tower of Books Challenge!!  Each student was to read 20  good fit books for the month of February.  Ms. Krahn was happy to report that they have almost reached their goal of 260 books read in their class and not only that, the majority of books read were chapter books!  WOW, our students do love to read!! 

Mrs. Lindsay's Kindergarten class enjoyed their reading log lists and special activities that Mrs. Lindsay planned through the month.

Mrs. Ryznar's 7/8 class read The Insignificant Life as A Cactus which they did together as a Novel Study.  Great discussions and connection through common text.  They highly recommend this novel to anyone who wants a good story and a different perspective in ones life.  

One last thing, here are a few fun facts about why reading is so important!!

  • 1.  Improves brain connectivity.
  • 2.  Increases your vocabulary and comprehension.
  • 3. Empowers you to empathize with other people.
  • 4.  Aids in sleep readiness.
  • 5.  Reduces stress

Happy Reading Everyone!!