Mindfulness March

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An emerging amount of research shows that mindfulness can help children improve their abilities to pay         attention, to calm down when upset and make better decisions.  The purpose of teaching mindfulness gives them the skills to develop their awareness of their inner and outer experiences. We will discuss how our thoughts, are "just thoughts," and to understand how emotions manifest in our bodies. Throughout the month of March every class will be given opportunities to learn about mindfulness, establish a practice as a class and create a toolkit of strategies they can work on at home as well.


Mindfulness marches on throughout spring!
With the positive response we've had from the students, we will continue to build on our mindfulness tool kit.  Understanding where our thoughts come from and knowing we have control to "Pop!" unwanted thoughts just like a bubble, can help us move through challenging times a bit easier.  We will continue to build our sources of strength and recognize what our positive character traits are, so we can replace those worrying and fearful thoughts with a knowingness that we have the strength to work through challenges.