Jr. High Curling 2018-2019

We had an excellent day at the Junior High curling bonspiel on Wed , Feb. 6th . We took three teams this year so it was great to have all that new interest in the sport. We have some really great curlers and some very quick learners.
Curling  Curling

Suroor , Cassidy and Dylan were our three skips. Dylan and Cassidy’s teams both won their first games placing them on the A side of the draw. Suroor’s team lost their first game placing them on the B side. Unfortutely Dylan’s team was defeated in their 2nd game and that was the end of their play for the day. They played 2 great games and even came down to playing skip rocks in one game.

Cassidy and Surroor went on to the semi final games. Cassidy ‘s team scored a couple of big ends to solidify their win and Suroor made the high pressure shot to draw closest to the button which took the team to the B side finals.
Curling     Curling

Both teams put up a good fight in the finals but ended up being defeated by Rivers for A side and Forrest for the B side.

Great day of Curling! Congrats to all of our participants. You represented Onanole School with both your skills and etiquette.