When A Plan Comes Together Our Hearts Become Full


What do you get when you put an idea together, plus passion, plus hearts of gold, and golf balls?  I am about to tell you, here is where this story begins….

In September, we were pleasantly surprised with a donation gifted to the school by Mr. Don Pottinger.  Mr. Pottinger began to explain to us that he turned golf balls into cash for the purpose of raising money for our school to help with the transportation costs for our swimming lessons.  Mr. Pottinger also explained to us that his family believes very strongly that the skill of learning to swim is a very important one that all children should have, so here enlists the passion part to this story.  Our swimming program, however, was put on hold due to Covid, but hopefully it will return in the future.  The students and staff of Onanole School put their hands together in a roar of gratitude when Mr. Pottinger handed to Mrs. Ryznar an envelope which contained over $600. 

These sales took place over the summer by a handful of community members who we would like to thank:

Donna Pottinger, Janice Meadows, and Helga Farnell:  In charge of cleaning, sorting, and boxing all the golf balls.

AJ Lewis/Sporty’s and Barry Skrudland from Woods General Store:  Offered to sell the golf balls in their stores.

And last but certainly not least, Mr. Pottinger for collecting the golf balls.  He has hundreds of golf balls in his basement due to the array of brands landing in his yard which boarders a fairway.  He is assuming that he may have another 100 by the end of the winter months if golfers continue to slice in his direction. 

Plans are in motion for the selling of more golf balls next year.  The support from our community members fills our hearts with loads of appreciation.